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Our products

Initially dabbling in database development,

we soon realised our knack for building software

that optimises databases. Our goal? Make your

company operate smarter, not harder.

We strive to cut repetitive tasks and capitalise

‍ on available big data, allowing your team to focus

‍ on what truly matters.In the recent 3 years,

we’ve rolled out apps for iOS, Android, and

various  web platforms.

For kicks, we also craft Twitter (X, whatever)

bots designed to spread cheer.

Airline Fuel Helper  Produced for aircraft engineers to help them complete aircraft

‍ fuelling logs with ease and reduce calculation and paperwork errors. Available on

Apple and Android app stores.

WALOY! for the traveller. Conversion of frequently used and confused units between

the  US and well, the rest of the world. Also includes a currency conversion function with daily rate updates from the ECB.

Station Flight Planner Allocate and review work assignments for airline line stations with realtime flight information updates and allocation of work. Allows access from desktop or portable machines.

CROSS Airline line station integrated data management system. All the metrics for a line station in one portal. Allows easy measuring and comparing of station performance, materials usage,  stakeholder engagement and more. Find out more about CROSS.

Cross: Airline line station integrated data management system. Giving station statistics at your finger tips instantly, easy and reliable tool control and compliance.

Our Story

Currently oscillating between Glasgow, Scotland and Chicago USA,  ZFSoftware has sported various names and flags. Founded as 'Zip Flash Software' by 16-year-old Andy McConn in 1989, our journey began with the 'Mega-base 2000' for the Atari ST. Over the years, we've experimented with various platforms and projects, from rail strike predictors to quirky dating websites.

Andy's passion reignited a few years ago, driving him to explore iOS, Android, Swift, and Raspberry Pi development.

We've grown from a solo endeavour into a force that believes in genuine solutions over corporate buzzwords.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. It takes a lot of hard work to make something simple, to truly understand the underlying challenges and come up with elegant solutions.” -Steve Jobs

With Steve Jobs quote in mind we set about to craft elegance into code.  At ZFSoftware, we believe that true innovation lies in making the complex simple. It’s not an easy task.  We pour countless hours into perfecting our products, ensuring that every line of code, every interface, and every feature is designed with a singular philosophy: Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

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