Ensuring compliance is crucial:

But imagine if CROSS could take the data you've collected for compliance and transform it into insights to enhance your MRO offerings for clients.  The good news?

CROSS is equipped to do just that.

 With built-in reports, it offers performance snapshots on TDR, First wave performance, top defect/delay contributors and more. These reports can be customised to focus on specific areas, stations, fleets, or even individual customers.

Two example reports from CROSS showing performance snapshot and ‘top 10 defect drivers’  Click on image to enlarge.

In the above example we can see how total revenue, top 10 defect codes,  and average callout time before departure can be represented visually. Then a demonstration of how easily TDR figures can be ‘drilled down’ from geographic area right down to fleets on each station.  

(click to enlarge slide view)

Moreover, your data can be seamlessly integrated with platforms like Tableau, enabling you to generate virtually any type of report from your extensive data.

Your dashboards are updated in real-time, and we can craft these reports or dashboards tailored to your needs.

This allows you, the client, to monitor your performance instantly, apply various filters, and view data in an engaging, easily understandable graphical format.

Share with us the metrics you wish to track, and we'll bring them to life for you.

We offer options to cater for your needs:

We can set up Tableau for you, where your staff can view, filter, and inspect the data. We'll tailor the dashboards according to your specifications.

Alternatively, we can provide a daily dump of your data to a designated server. This allows you the flexibility to analyse the data using Tableau or any other platform of your choice.

After all, it's your data!

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