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Tool Control with CROSS:

Getting tool control right is a challenging feat. It's an often-overlooked aspect of maintenance, yet its significance in ensuring operational safety and compliance cannot be stressed enough. An effective tool control system must not only enhance safety but also be user-friendly. If users struggle to access the tool system or find it cumbersome, they might bypass the process altogether, defeating the purpose of tool control.

CROSS ToolStation

Seamless Interaction: This stand-alone touchscreen unit facilitates the swift booking of tools in and out. Users can also quickly verify the items they have on loan. No need to couple it with a PC. With just an internet connection (wifi or ethernet), it's perfect for placement in remote stores or easily accessible spots.

Simplicity First: Whether on a PC, ToolStation, or even a phone, the process is straightforward. Booking tools out requires two QR code scans and an aircraft registration entry. Checking them in? A single scan and a checkbox.

Automatic Expiry Control: Rest easy knowing your tools are compliant. If a tool has surpassed its calibration date, it's flagged and cannot be checked out. Plus, you can generate reports for tools nearing expiration.

Complete Borrow History: Trace who borrowed a tool in the past with ease. The system also notifies automatically for overdue returns and allows a quick scan to verify tools against an aircraft before its departure.

Efficient Inventory Management: Dreading those exhaustive inventory counts? With CROSS, tools returned as serviceable are marked as audited. This means you only count tools that haven't been checked out for a specific duration, significantly reducing your workload.

Flexibility for Staff: Recognising the dynamic nature of line maintenance, CROSS enables staff to book tools at any station, irrespective of where they are stationed. This ensures continuity and efficiency, without unnecessary complications.

Other Tool Control Features

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