Revenue is the lifeblood of any MRO business.

While aspects like compliance and data insights are critical for operational excellence, without revenue, the foundation of the business itself is at stake.

It's paramount that we ensure accurate, consistent, and timely billing for our customers, positioning our organisation for success.

Example revenue snapshot for a customer month - showing contract and ancillary charges.

Example detailed invoice backup page detailing charge breakdown for each transit, performance metrics and an invoice front page.  

We recognise that every MRO or customer has unique metrics that matter to them. We're always eager to delve into how these can be precisely measured and documented to cater to your specific needs. Just share your requirements, and we'll get to work on finding a solution.

CROSS also offers the capability to incorporate local airport taxes, fees, storage charges, and

ad-hoc maintenance directly into any invoice.

•Imagine being able to instantly view a revenue snapshot for your station or area, and then effortlessly compare it against projections.

•Provide customers with detailed backup for their invoices, including contract costs, additional man-hours, equipment charges, and more. Plus, have the capability to present them with specific performance metrics, proving that you're not only on track but also consistently meeting contractual obligations.

•Unlock the power to generate historical revenue reports, enabling you to track growth trends over time or to benchmark different stations/areas against each other.

•Invoicing becomes instantaneous with CROSS. Once all flight data is entered, invoices and their backups can be generated and checked in mere seconds, eliminating days-long waits.

It’s good to note…

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