Compliance in line maintenance isn't just a recommendation — it's a non-negotiable requirement.

Prioritising compliance ensures the safety of your customers and the sustained success of your MRO. Falling short in this area could jeopardise your position as a trusted supplier.

CROSS, an MRO system tailored to make compliance simpler:

Example Personal Experience Record to EASA spec generated by CROSS

Moreover, CROSS aligns seamlessly with EASA and UK CAA standards, including 145.A.48, 145.A.30, and 145.A.40. And that's not all. The system’s capabilities extend to invoicing, revenue snapshots, and performance data analytics. This means that beyond external regulations, you’re also well-equipped to meet your organisation’s internal compliance standards.

•Personnel Recency Records: Automate and streamline the process of recording and updating personnel recency, formatted  to  NAA requirements.

•Handover Management: Effortlessly create, track, and maintain handovers to ensure compliance with requirements for airworthiness handovers.

•Delay Signalling: Efficiently manage and monitor delays, ensuring real-time communication and transparency.

•Operational Movement Data: Maintain a clear log of operational movements for better oversight, which can be used to track performance on a per station, area, fleet or customer basis.

•Tool Control: Ensure no tool is misplaced or expired, minimizing potential hazards.

Further benefits

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